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Get more from yourself

Professionals at all levels - from grads to C-suite - use PushMe's coaching platform to bring about positive change, whether that's achieving a promotion, a better work-life balance, or a career pivot.

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How our platform works

Get started in 3 easy steps.

Working at home


Choose the areas to develop

Gain insights into how you operate in the workplace and choose the areas to focus on during your time with us.



Select your career

Review the experiences, backgrounds, and qualifications before selecting the Coach that feels right for you. 

Coffee Break


Customise your digital programme

Understand the science behind your behaviours. Choose the content themes that are most relevant to you.

Access our portal and view our product plans

The change you've been dreaming of

Transform your status quo with a proven coaching platform. Be educated, inspired, and connected to coaches who will help shape your new professional identity. 

Access our portal and view our product plans

Trusted by people like you

Empowering professionals at all levels. 

"It brought a greater level of structure to my work which unlocked time in my week for a better work-life balance."


Deal Advisory 


"My Coach has guided me skillfully through a number of areas that I would have found difficult navigating on my own."

Green Origin Ambassedor 

Bord Bia

"My Coach is actively helping me understand my motivations and how I work; how I think and how I reframe that thinking."

Financial Accountant


"The clarity and confidence I built from my sessions have helped me to develop a real impetus to achieving my goals."




"It helped me look at my daily routines objectively and guided me to increase good habits by embedding them into existing ones."

Data Science Lecturer

General Assembly

"I'm more confident in myself. I take action when I have to take action and I do it with confidence."

Recruitment Consultant


Used by top companies too

Helping employees feel more engaged and connected at work. 

Platform features

Data-driven insights

Increase self-awareness around your core competencies with

data-driven insights.

Performance tracking

Measure and track your progress over time to increase the odds of achieving your goals.

Goal-setting strategies

Use research-driven strategies for setting goals and achieving successful outcomes.

Bite-sized lessons

Learn about the behaviours and mindsets that shape your professional identity.

Professional coaching

Gain an external perspective from experienced, qualified, and proven coaches. 

Dedicated resource

Leverage your very own dedicated resource to stay motivated and committed to your goals.

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Access our portal and view our product plans

Our platform in numbers

Get more from yourself using a proven and trusted coaching platform.


The average satisfaction rating across our panel of



The average number of coaching hours experience per Coach 


The success rate achieved matching a user with their



The percentage of sessions helping users improve an area in their role.


The number of data points used in our self-assessment programme


The number of bite-sized lessons available to users in our portal and mobile app


The number of words curated on behavioural and performance science


The number of testimonials received within 12 months of launching

Meet some of our world-class Coaches

We provide Coach options based on a proven algorithm, matching the strengths and experience of our Coaches with your chosen development areas.

Say hello to some of our Coaches who are helping professionals bridge the gap between intentions and results. 

Fiona Burke Profile Pic_edited_edited_edited.png

Fiona Burke

Career, Executive and Leadership Coach

Former Director and General Manager for 3 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies

European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)

Graham Cooke_edited_edited_edited.png

Graham Cooke

Executive, Career and Leadership Coach

Over 20 years experience working at Director level with world-leading corporate brands.


International Coaching Federation (ICF)


Astrid Collier

Business, Career and

Financial Coach

​Distinguished career in investment banking, working with some of the largest global banks.


Association for Coaching


  • What is PushMe's Inside Out self-assessment / report?
    PushMe's Inside Out self assessment programme is designed to increase your awareness of how you operate in the workplace. It’s an opportunity to reflect on and consider your strengths and the elements of your role that you find most challenging. The real value comes from reviewing the results with your manager or a trusted colleague as doing so drives better conversations around career development and helps you decide which areas you need to focus on. Self-awareness is critical for continuous improvement. The report you receive will reflect your own perception of how you show up within the work environment. It will be performed on a quarterly basis to enable you to measure and monitor your progress in each of the categories over time. The assessment takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and the results may or may not influence the development areas you choose to focus on during the programme. There is the option within the assessment to invite colleagues of yours to contribute to your Inside Out report. In doing so, you receive additional data points and gain insights into how others perceive you in the workplace. To avail of this option you are required to provide a minimum of 5 colleagues to ensure anonymity. The assessment will then be shared with your colleagues for completion with their scores remaining anonymous and displayed as averages in your report. This peer feature is optional and not obligatory.
  • Who has access to my Inside Out report?
    It is at your discretion who you share and discuss your Inside Out report with. While completing the form, you will have the option to share the report with your chosen Coach to supplement your coaching sessions.
  • Where can I access my Inside Out self-assessment form and report?
    For businesses The form will be included in your welcome email for completion. Your report will be sent to you by email and it can also be accessed via the 'Reports' tag in the app. For individuals You can access your benchmark assessment for completion in the 'My self-assessments' section of your portal. Your Q1 assessment will appear for completion in your portal 3 months into the duration of your programme i.e. (3 months post benchmark assessment) and so on for your next quarterly assessment(s). You will receive notification when each report is ready for review in your portal and it can also be accessed via the 'Reports' tag in your 'My content' browser / mobile app.
  • What is professional business coaching?
    Business coaching is a creative process in which a professional Coach guides you toward maximising your professional potential. The process provides you with a confidential sounding board to work through the goals and challenges that you own within your role. The coaching sessions give you access to cognitive diversity – differences in perspectives, insights and thinking styles. This enables you to develop the mindsets and behaviours required to bring about positive change. It's a confidential space and an opportunity to take time out from your busy day-to-day. The sessions are designed to help you identify, prioritise and action the specific areas that will have the biggest impact on your role. The 60-minute one-to-one sessions take place virtually using video software of your choice.
  • What are the benefits of business coaching?
    It is dedicated time away from your busy day-to-day schedule to help you... work on specific development areas that can enable you progress within your company identify and prioritise what matters most in your role to achieve your professional goals commit to action for certain tasks that you have been putting off work through challenges you are having with colleagues boost your creativity levels plan how you can deliver more value to both your clients and colleagues understand how you can achieve a better work-life balance clarify your thinking on what you would like to achieve within your company
  • Why would I use business coaching?
    With a growth mindset, there is never a shortage of skills to work on! The number of areas you develop over a set period of time will depend on the rate of progress and the complexity of topic chosen. Below is a list of areas our community of users work toward developing. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and that you can look to develop an area not listed below. Leadership and Management Preparing for a future leadership role Improving my effectiveness as a leader Creating a safe and trusting environment Improving my strategic capabilities Managing organisational change Developing my delegation skills Adapting my management style Personal Development Applying for a new internal role Developing deeper self-belief Achieving closure on an existing issue in work Investigating and developing an idea for the business Learning a new skill or growing an existing capability Bouncing back from a personal or team setback Managing my priorities effectively to reach a goal Communication Communicating with confidence and clarity Improving my assertiveness in the workplace Effectively providing and receiving feedback Developing my influencing skills Improving my communication skills during conflict Speaking up and taking action Developing my conflict resolution skills Teamwork Improving my personal performance within a team Creating a high-performance team Consistently and authentically recognising good work Promoting and providing diverse perspectives Creating enthusiasm and initiative to make things happen Building and maintaining relationships Creating a culture of collaboration Interpersonal skills Developing my ability to perceive, evaluate and manage emotions Managing difficult conversations Developing my active listening skills Demonstrating empathy & compassion for both myself & others Engaging with people who are different to me Increasing my self-awareness for positive change Developing and maintaining trust Company alignment Creating sustainable value for the company and clients Considering the company's interests when solving problems Developing my business acumen in relation to my role and industry Navigating uncertainty during a period of change Aligning my priorities to company strategy and values Improving cross-functional collaboration Creating a strategy within my business unit Work-life balance Establishing a better work-life balance Managing my stress Improving my time management to avoid burnout Embedding wellbeing practices to enhance performance Developing my daily practices for peak performance Setting clear and healthy boundaries Effectively managing my energy levels
  • How will I choose what to work on with my Coach?
    We recommend collaborating with your manager or a trusted advisor to agree on 3 professional development areas that you will focus on during your programme. To help facilitate this conversation, it's worth addressing two key questions: What's the hardest part about your role? What's the one area that, if you could improve, would make you even more effective within your role? PushMe can provide additional data to help with your selection process. This can be in the form of a self-assessment or 360-degree feedback programme.
  • What's the difference between business coaching and mentoring?
    Mentors answer your questions, coaches question your answers! Coaching focuses on developing skills, mindsets and behaviours that are critical for your role. It's about removing yourself from the day-to-day to focus on the areas that you need to prioritise. That could be anything from hitting a performance target to managing your team more effectively. Coaching is designed to provide you with different perspectives, insights and thinking styles to help you progress through a challenge or achieve a professional goal. Mentoring typically involves showing you what to do and how to do it. Mentors use their personal context and experience to help you with your career development. They typically have a good understanding of either the company or the sector, and can help open up doors to get you to where you want to go. Sessions can often employ practices from both coaching and mentoring. At the end of the day, you know your job, colleagues and business far better than we ever will so we'll always encourage you to take ownership and responsibility for your own role.
  • How do coaching credits work?
    Coaching credits work as follows: Mon - Fri (09:00 - 17:30): 1 hour = 1 credit Mon - Fri (00:00 - 09:00, 17:30 - 23:59): 1 hour = 1.5 credits Sat/Sun/Bank Holidays (00:00 - 23:59): 1 hour = 2 credits Please note that a 1 hour session falling between time bands (e.g. Mon - Fri, 08:30 - 09:30 or 17:00 - 18:00) will utilise 1.5 credits.
  • How do I book a coaching session?
    For businesses After you've submitted your chosen development areas, you will receive an email with your Coach options. The options provided are based on the strength and experience of the Coaches in the areas you have submitted. In this email you will have the opportunity to review the Coaches bios and book your first session. At the end of your first session, either your Coach will book in your next session or you can schedule it using the Coach's booking link found in: the description section in the calendar invite; the feedback email that you receive after each session; and your Coach card in the PushMe app (card available post first session) For individuals After you've submitted your chosen development areas, you are matched up with 2 Coach options and these appear in the 'Coach options' section of your portal. The options provided are based on the strength and experience of the Coaches in the areas you have submitted. You will have the opportunity to review the Coaches bios and book your first session. At the end of your first session, either your Coach will book in your next session or you can schedule it using the Coach's booking link found in: the description section in the calendar invite; the feedback email that you receive after each session; and your Coach card in the PushMe app / My content browser (card available post first session)
  • What standard of Coach will I be working with?
    We provide easy access to Professional Coaches from a wide variety of business backgrounds. Our Coaches are experienced, qualified, and their job is to get the best out of what you have to offer. Before choosing your Coach you will be able to review their background, coaching style, coaching experience, qualifications, memberships, and testimonials. Our panel of coaches have an average satisfaction rating of 96% across their sessions to date and an average of over 700 coaching hours each.
  • How do I find out more about my Coach?
    When you receive notification of your Coach options you will see a brief summary of each Coach. Click on the 'Review Bio' button to find out more about each Coach. You can review their: coaching style coaching experience qualifications and memberships testimonials If you would like further information on your Coach, you can review their LinkedIn profile by clicking on the LinkedIn icon to the right of their name on their bio page.
  • What can I expect to cover in my first coaching session?
    Depending on your prior exposure to coaching, a first coaching session can cover any or all of the below: Introductions Background and experience of Coach Housekeeping items What coaching is versus what it isn't Confidentiality Exploring your development area(s) and clarifying the goal Actions Scheduling next session
  • How much notice do I need to provide when rescheduling or cancelling?
    Scheduled one-to-one sessions can be rescheduled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the session. Rescheduling or cancelling within 24 hours of the scheduled session, or if you do not enter the video session within the first 10 minutes (“no-show”), will result in a full charge for the session. With regards to sessions scheduled to take place on a Monday, 1 working day will apply. For example, if you need to reschedule or cancel a session due to take place on Monday at 2pm, it will need to be actioned prior to 2pm on the previous Friday. A link to 'Reschedule' the session can be found at the bottom of the description section within your calendar invite.
  • What if I can't access the video software link for my session?
    Email cc'ing your Coach to inform us of your issue.
  • How do I organise more coaching credits?
    For businesses You can organise additional credits through your organisation's programme coordinator. Additional credits can be used to further progress the area you're currently working on or to begin working on one of the other professional development areas you have identified. For individuals You can invest in additional credits by clicking on the 'Credit investment' button at the following location in your portal: 'My coaching' > 'Coaching credits'. Additional credits can be used to further progress the area you're currently working on or to begin working on one of the other professional development areas you have identified.
  • Can I use PushMe if I already have a business coach or mentor?
    Of course! You will still benefit from bite-sized content sourced from the latest behavioural and performance science, along with goal setting functionality and your very own learning and accountability buddy. Our app is designed to help you implement positive habits that drive continuous action toward your professional goals. If you're a people manager and are more concerned with the people reporting into you, the lessons are also intended to increase your awareness of the science behind themes such as motivation, habits, performance, self-belief, which can better equip you to understand why a colleague or team member may be struggling in an area and how you can help them. Our Inside Out self-assessment will help you identify your strengths and growth opportunities whilst measuring and tracking your progress in key categories and capabilities over time.
  • How do I reset my password for the mobile app / 'My content' browser?
    On your app / content browser sign in page: Click 'Sign In' Then click 'Forgot your password?' Enter your email address Click 'reset password' Our technology partner Nudge will send you an email with a link to reset this from . If you don't receive this email, it is not in your junk mail and/or it is not working for you, please send a one line mail to outlining such and our support team will have a reset password link sent directly to you.
  • Can I fall behind with the content modules?
    In short, no. We understand that people have different learning patterns and preferences. Some will like to consume the content in smaller doses as it arrives into their feed while others will prefer to let it build up and tackle a chunk of it in one sitting. We also provide content breaks in between your chosen modules to allow additional time so you can read it whenever suits you best. Ultimately the message is to make the content work for you. Ask yourself how you can take the practical tips and apply them to your day-to-day role in order to start working smarter.
  • Why is there a 4 week content break in between modules?
    The content breaks between modules are provided as we understand the benefits to be gained from periods of self-reflection. In a study carried out by researchers Giada Di Stefano (HEC Paris), Francesca Gino, Gary Pisano (Harvard University), and Bradley Staats (University of North Carolina) to show the impact of reflection on performance, the results showed that employees who spent as little as 15 minutes at the end of the day reflecting about lessons learned performed 22.8% better after 10 days than those who did not take the time to reflect. The 4 week content break between modules gives you an opportunity to: reflect on lessons learned to date with the aim to implement key lessons digest and reflect on additional learning material shared with you complete any actions that you have set yourself catch up on any content cards not yet read If you have coaching credits remaining, you can continue to have sessions with your Coach during this period but you won't receive any new content cards. This period is also used to complete your quarterly self-assessment and reflect on any significant movements in the various categories.
  • Who are Nudge Coach?
    Nudge Coach are our technology partner. They are a US based company who specialise in designing mobile apps for coaching programmes.
  • What's the difference between the Professional Coach and the learning and accountability buddy?
    A Professional Coach has achieved their coaching qualification from a business school and has extensive experience in executive and career coaching. These are the individuals you have your video coaching sessions with. The role of the learning and accountability buddy is to keep you motivated and accountable to the goals you set yourself. They are in regular contact with you via the app and they are always ready to assist you with any questions you might have. They are also happy to source additional articles, videos or podcasts that can help you with your specific development area.
  • Is the learning and accountability buddy a human or a bot?
    Your dedicated learning and accountability buddy is indeed a human and will check in with you on a regular basis to keep you on track and to help you develop your sense of personal ownership and accountability over the most important aspects of your work. They're also on hand to source additional learning material based on your specific needs and preferences.
  • What can I expect from working with PushMe?
    For businesses Take a look at Sarah's journey in our short video below to get an idea of what PushMe's community of users experience while working with us. The challenge that Sarah is tackling may resonate with you but we are aware that everyone is individual and will face different challenges at different times. Whatever your challenge may be, PushMe can help... For individuals Coming soon...

Access our insights on the latest behavioural and performance science

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Researchers in Fordham and Rochester Universities carried out a study on the impact of self-determination theory (SDT) within small businesses.


Half of the businesses operated a top-down directive model while the other half provided their staff with autonomy around what tasks they undertook and how they performed them.

Their findings showed that businesses who granted autonomy to their staff...


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