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Develop and retain your best people

All businesses face the challenge of disengaged employees, so we created a business coaching platform that helps your workforce stay motivated, educated and engaged. ​

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Working Together on Project

How our platform works

Focus on the professional development areas that matter most.


Increase self-awareness using a best practice self-assessment programme. Provide employees with data that highlights their strengths and growth opportunities, and importantly, enables them to measure and track their professional development within your company.


  • Short completion time

  • Results displayed in an easily accessible report

  • Derived from latest research on people development

Choose a 15-minute slot that works best for you to learn more

Working at home

"It's driving me to act. I'm seeing great results already."

- Head of CX Service Delivery Manager, DigitalWell

"It's outstanding, really excellent - a real game-changer for me."


- Global Channel Manager, CWSI

Customised learning

Combine their professional coaching with a perfect mix of customised content to empower them to take control of their professional identity. Deliver research-driven lessons that are bite-sized, easily digestible and sourced from the latest behavioural and performance science. 


  • 3-minute bite-sized lessons

  • Ability to customise content themes 

  • Facilitates learning preferences for each user

Choose a 15-minute slot that works best for you to learn more

Person smiling at phone

"It's genuinely brilliant. The content is really interesting."

- Partner Manager, Phonovation

"I really enjoy the content and recommendations. It's really personable."


- Principle Recruitment Consultant, e-Frontiers

Casual Meeting

Personalised support

Fuel their growth even further with their very own professional development resource. Provide additional support to help them stay committed to their professional goals. Push them to bridge the gap between learning new skills and applying them with additional learning supports.


  • High value resource to call on throughout programme 

  • Provides additional support and motivation 

  • Accommodates support preferences for each user

Choose a 15-minute slot that works best for you to learn more

Video call

Professional coaching

Collaborate with your employees when choosing the professional development areas to focus on during their programme. Next, provide them with experienced, proven and qualified coaches who are on hand to get the very best out of what they have to offer. Simple as that.


  • Coach options hand-picked for each user

  • Virtual one-to-one coaching sessions

  • Seamless booking experience

Choose a 15-minute slot that works best for you to learn more

"I have a really good relationship with my Coach."


- Managing Director, BidX1

"I was very impressed with my Coach. He was superb."

- Group Legal Council, Flutter Entertainment

"I feel more empowered because I am coming up with the answers."


- Head of Sales and Marketing, Medical Supply Company (MSC)

"Additional support and recommended material is a really clever feature."


- Practice Leader, Principle Consulting

Trusted by professionals and businesses like you

Partner with us and you'll be in great company. 

"I would never have worked out this problem by myself. It gives me a dedicated hour to focus on a problem."

Engineering Delivery Manager


"It helped shift my mindset from a management mindset to a leadership one."

Chief Operations Officer


"It's such a useful tool. I have loved working with my Coach."

Senior Account Manager


"The process helped me understand what was working well and where I needed to improve."

Onboarding and Customer Specialist


"The concept is excellent. The outside perspective is really helpful as there is no internal bias."

Head of



"Absolutely fantastic experience. My Coach was flexible in her approach which made the sessions really enjoyable."

Chief Financial



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Our platform in numbers

Develop an engaged and connected workforce by giving your people a dedicated space to thrive.


The average satisfaction rating across our panel of



The average number of coaching hours experience per Coach 


The success rate achieved matching a user with a suitable



The percentage of sessions that helped improve a specific area in the user's role 


The number of data points in our self-assessment programme


The number of bite-sized lessons available to users in our portal and mobile app


The number of words curated on behavioural and performance science


The number of testimonials received from happy customers in first 12 months

Access our insights on the latest behavioural and performance science

Stressed Woman


The art of setting boundaries

A crazy little thing called "no" • 3 min read


The power of guilt — In a study from Harvard Business School, a group of overworked employees at Boston Consulting Group were asked to take “predictable time off.”


In one configuration, the participants were required to take one full day off during the week. At first, everyone resisted but were ultimately forced to comply with the new schedule.


According to the study, the participants either worked and felt guilty…or they didn’t work and felt guilty because...


Improve our listening skills

Active listening • 2 min read

Successful Meeting


Importance of perseverance  

We need to persevere! • 2 min read

CrossFit Training
Office man

Think big, act small with a proven platform

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Choose a 15-minute slot that works best for you to learn more

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