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A proven coaching platform for employees.

All businesses face the challenge of disengaged employees, so we created a business coaching platform that helps your workforce stay motivated, educated and engaged. ​

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How our platform works.






Professional coaching


Customised microlearning


Personalised support

1. Self-assessment

Increase your employee's self-awareness using a best practice self-assessment programme. Provide them with data points that highlight their strengths and growth opportunities, and most importantly, enable them to measure and track their professional development within your company.

How: PushMe's mobile app

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2. Professional coaching

Collaborate with your employees when choosing the professional development areas to focus on during their programme. Next, provide them with experienced, proven and qualified coaches who are on hand to get the very best out of what they have to offer. Simple as that.

How: Video conference, 60-minute sessions

3. Customised microlearning

Combine their professional coaching with a perfect mix of customised content to empower them to take control of their professional identity. Deliver research-driven lessons that are bite-sized, easily digestible and sourced from the latest behavioural and performance science. 

How: PushMe's mobile app

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4. Personalised support

Fuel their growth even further with their very own professional development resource. Provide additional support to help them stay committed to their professional goals. Push them to bridge the gap between learning new skills and applying them with weekly check-ins and additional learning supports.

How: PushMe's mobile app

Trusted by businesses and people like you.

Partner with us and you'll be in great company. 

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Strengthen the connection with your employees.

Empower employees to shape their professional identity in your company using a business coaching platform that's grounded in the latest research in behavioural and performance science.

Whether they want to get that promotion, hit their target or make love, not war with their can help. Provide them with a solution that pushes them to bridge the gap between intentions and results.

Engaging employees

Hear it from our Clients.

"It's been incredibly effective for tactical and situational interventions, particularly during the current period of integration in CWSI post acquisition of AVR"
Group People Experience Manager, CWSI

Take the mystery out of employee engagement. 

Often it's too late before you realise that key members of your team are disengaged. Give your people a voice and benefit from a more committed workforce.

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Access our insights.

Think big, act small, with a proven platform.

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