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CWSI empowers workforce during major transitional period



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Supporting the workforce during an acquisition

About CWSI

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CWSI is one of Europe’s most experienced mobile and cloud security specialists, providing security and productivity solutions to the private and public sectors in Ireland, the UK and Europe. In May 2021, CWSI acquired AVR, a UK based cyber, cloud and mobile security service provider. The acquisition involved inevitable changes to the company’s teams as AVR’s founder and 12 employees were brought into the CWSI family.

The challenge

While acquisitions provide exciting opportunities, they can also present significant challenges for the workforce. Existing teams grow as a result, often exponentially within a small and midsize business (SMB) environment, often across new geographical territories. Employees of the acquired company need to navigate their way around a new environment and new ways of working. Naturally, a change of this magnitude creates uncertainty and the need for resilience coupled with the ability to cope with and respond to change.

CWSI's leadership team were keen to ensure that their teams felt supported throughout the process. A one-size fits all approach would not have worked given the circumstances - change impacts individuals in different ways and everyone had different challenges, especially during the early stages of the acquisition.

In addition to helping their teams manage the ongoing demands of a fast-paced client-driven environment, CWSI's leaders sought a solution that would mitigate the risk of employees being unsettled or struggling during this period of major operational change. 

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The solution

The solution needed to proactively address the changes that their employees would experience as part of the acquisition process. The goal was to enable them to lead with clarity and confidence in the face of uncertainty and change.


PushMe facilitated CWSI’s employees to identify the areas of their roles that were being impacted by the acquisition, their personal aspirations and potential areas to target for growth and development. Offering support that went beyond standard staff training, PushMe focused on improving the communication between management and teams. The platform facilitated the all-important feedback process - empowering individuals to voice their frustrations, aspirations and potential areas of concern.


PushMe delivered a coaching programme that was designed to drive employee engagement. To begin, participants collaborated with their line managers to identify the professional development areas that either presented the most challenges or would add the most value to their ability to perform strongly in their role. After choosing these areas, PushMe hand-picked coach options best suited to the employees' needs.

To get the most value from their coaching sessions, PushMe tailored different strategies according to each individual’s needs, providing additional support through bite-sized lessons and regular check-ins.

With the combination of coaching, bite-sized content, and weekly check-ins, CWSI's employees were provided with the tools and methods to ensure that their new learnings would take hold in the long run.

"It's been incredibly effective for tactical and situational interventions, especially during the current period of integration in CWSI post acquisition of AVR."


- Group People Experience Manager, CWSI

"It has been great working with PushMe and all our participants are a testament to the great platform they have built."

Chief Executive Officer


"We have thoroughly enjoyed working with PushMe and are delighted with the results we are seeing from our team members that have participated so far"


Chief People



"It has been incredibly effective and offered a huge amount of value for the team members that have participated so far."


Group People Experience Manager


The results

The purpose of the partnership was for CWSI to invest in and support the workforce with a programme of personalised content and coaching interventions. For some, these were a source of support during a period of change, and for others, formed a part of their ongoing growth and professional development plans. 

By partnering with PushMe, CWSI empowered their employees with new perspectives, insights and thinking styles to ensure they could thrive in their new environment during a period of significant change and growth. CWSI's personalised approach to employee engagement meant that their workforce felt supported and recognised during a critical transitional period. 

"It's outstanding, really excellent - a real game changer for me. My Coach is brilliant. Everything is set out clearly both during and after the sessions"


- Global Channel Manager, CWSI

The programme enabled participants to feel at ease when discussing issues or concerns they had with their new working environment. With that, they could move forward with more confidence and certainty.

CWSI and PushMe continue to work together as the company expands it's workforce through further organic growth and acquisition. 

The concept is excellent. The outside perspective is really helpful as there is no internal bias"


Director of



"The sessions have been really helpful for working through my challenges. The external viewpoint has been really valuable."




"It's inspiring - impartial, objective advice from a passionate coach who genuinely cares."

Customer Success Manager


"I have a brilliant coach - his expertise, his professionalism, his personability - I can't give him better feedback."

Mobility and Security Solutions Advisor


"It's been a really positive experience so far. The content that's provided has been really helpful and I'm making the most of it."




"`Great advice around time management and prioritisation. I'm learning to say no and to delegate better."

Digital Solutions Leader


"The sessions have been phenomenal. It's been really useful for me to understand how to structure my plan and how to reach my target on a monthly and quarterly basis"


- Digital Solutions Leader, CWSI

"I found the recommended material post coaching sessions really useful."


Director of



"I would heartily recommend it to a friend or a colleague."


Customer Success Manage


"I'm looking at things differently. I'm taking the time to step back and and think about the right approach."




"The biggest difference with this professional development programme is that it's specific to me and my role."




"Having that safety net and trust with my coach is important and helps me achieve more from the sessions."


Global Channel Manager


"My Coach has helped me reframe my working world. It has helped me change my outlook on things."





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